David Vos

Fellow, Lockheed Martin

David Vos is a Lockheed Martin Fellow Emeritus (retired) who led the thermal and environmental engineering at Lockheed’s Owego facility for nearly four decades. His teams have developed chip level hybrid design, card design, box design, and vehicle system integration design. Additionally, he has steered environmental applications that have ranged from submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles to rotorcraft and manned spacecraft.

With an understanding of military, commercial and international product standards, climates, and verification tests, Vos has managed a prolific number of box level responsibilities and products. His interest in electronics packaging for system integration include size, weight and power/cost (SWAP-C) reduction, steady state and transient thermal management, alternate materials, additive manufacturing of metals and polymers, 3D IC packaging, conformal antenna, and phase change material applications.

Vos joined Lockheed Martin in 1984, where he has also served as Lead Environmental System Engineer, VH-92A Presidential Helicopter Replacement; Lead Environmental System Engineer, VH-71A Presidential Helicopter Replacement; and Environmental Engineering Group Lead. He held a Top Secret Clearance (until retirement in 2021), and has received 27 US patents and six trade secrets in fields of electronics packaging.


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa
Qualified System Architect, Lockheed Martin Corporation

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